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Future4Hope foundation initiative is to help youth between the ages of 11-19 overcome anxiety, depression and mental illness due to everyday challenges. In an uncertain world constantly changing everyday  

 Future4Hope creates innovative campaigns, events, partnerships and open-source tools that help increase awareness, inspire grassroots action, and fuel change.


Researchers found that 46% of 977 parents of teens said their child has shown signs of a new or worsening mental health condition since the start of the pandemic. Parents reported an increase in anxiety/worry depression /Sadness 36% vs  average19%. The Suicide rate in the United States remains comparatively high for the 15 to 19 age group with 6,241 suicides in this age range, making it the second leading cause of death for that age range.

Future4Hope's Programs offers youth and teens hope and gets them active and outside in nature,

Our programs are designed to build their confidence, Keep them engaged in the activities they love and also offer mentorship giving them an ear to listen too, Most teens expressed they would prefer to speak freely with a mentor outside of a institutionalized environment. 


The "Day Dreamers program" donates art supplies, musical instruments and sporting goods to talented young people and also gives them the opportunity to showcase their work in prestigious galleries.

The "Bicycle's for smiles program" Donates Bicycles to help young people get out after lock down and get much needed exercise and fresh air, The "Active Adventure program" brings adventurous daytrips from canoeing to nature trails and our "Young Entrepreneurs Program" is a grant to help kick start a business plan for a budding young entrepreneur.

The Youth are our Future and during these times its important more than ever to give them hope



"The youth are our future and during these times its important more than ever to give them hope" - Future4Hope.

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