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Future4Hope donates bicycles to youth ages 11-19 to get them out in the open and active,

Young people expressed increased anxiety and depression due to lock downs and "Bicycles for Smiles" is a way to encourage them to get some exercise, fresh air and most importantly smile!


The Daydreamers program funds hobbies of interest for eligible youth, i.e. art supplies, musical instruments, sporting goods and more! This particular program also gives young talent the opportunity to have their work displayed in prestigious galleries,


This Program is a $1000 grant to help kick start a young entrepreneurs business, must be aged 19 and submit a solid business plan.


Many Youth in or out of therapy have expressed they would prefer talking freely with a mentor and not in an institutionalized environment, They prefer to speak to someone cool who listens and understands their everyday struggles, We provide qualified mentors for Zoom call mentorship.

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